Finally, Cole was able to relax and we could tell that he was enjoying the blow job as he forced Alex down for more. Alex was getting him close to cumming and so he had Alex suck on his balls a little bit. I told them that I would like to see them fuck, and to open up the futon for us to move on the shoot. The easiest way to get started was to have Cole get into the doggie style position to get fucked. I told Alex that it would be cool to see if Alex would rim him first. Both guys agreed to do it, and Alex placed his face in Cole's ass. As the warm, moist tongue began to rub up against Cole's hole, he began to scrum like a girl. Alex put on a condom and got in behind Cole, however the nerves came back and Cole wanted to switch rolls. Cole was now more interested in topping in the shoot than bottoming. He wouldn't even try a toy.
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