The guys trampled middle of the reeds and as they came to the clearing I caught them on video. They looked a tired, and said they could use a drink. They saw the tent and all took a seat on the blanket that I had laid out for them. Quickly each anybody of them grabbed a beer out of the cooler, and Michael let out that he had to pee. He moved over to the reeds, and while I didn't move in for a close up I kept the camera on him relieving himself. The guys were spicy, and sweaty, so they peeled off their shirts to try and help cool off. As we went in a circle introducing all and sundry on camera, first we had Dustin, Tyler, JC, CJ (not to make a balls-up of you), and then Michael. By the stretch we got done, Dustin was complaining in the air sweating from our two mile hike. I told him that if he was that hot, all of them should get in their underwear. All the guys laughed that he started everything, and they stripped down to their underwear. Each one of them were in boxers, and on the blanket.
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