Waves crashing on the beach, sun beating down on my skin, the heat could cook an egg on the side walk. I was meet up with Nu, who called me to watch him do a little bit of surfing. Nu gave me a for the present and circumstances to meet him, and when I got there he was looking out at the waves. Because of the time of day, the waves were a little stale, so he didnt know if he would uncommonly be able to show off his skills. This guy, Sean walked up and he too was upsetting to catch some waves. With no luck he was just hanging out on the beach, and got sucked in to what we were doing with the video camera. I asked the two of them if they wanted to go to our studio to do a shoot. To play off what I was going to have them do, I told them that they were going to do some solitary carry out. Both replied with a yes, and we had to hike back to our cars. They followed me back to the studio, and Sean got lost along the way.

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