I took a team of models out on a little hiking trip to coppers things up and do something different than what they're use to at the studio. All the guys that I had picked to walk out were spirited for a chance to make some great loaded, and go somewhere in spite of a little escape from their daily lives. Everyone met at the studio, and of course one of the models always seems to be running really late, but we got on the road, and got to one of the parks. We packed up a tent, blanket, and some beer in a cooler and started on a hike. I started out a head of the group, because I wanted to get to the put to death and set at odds up everything before they got there. The nice thing was that no one was in a rush, because he had all day to enjoy. When I got to the end of the track there is this nice little clearing where there was a flat area and all the grass was cut down and short.

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