In the back of my mind I was wondering if Aiden was turned on by the skinny, young, white boy that he was getting to play with. We were going to get to find out, as Tyler started to slide his fingers below Aiden's waist band on his underwear. They came down and the boner popped out, and we all watched it. Tyler started to touch it softly at first, and then more of a stroking motion took place. Taking a seat on the couch, I told Tyler to start out first in sucking dick. I warned him to start out slow, and not to use any teeth. After just a moment of the blow job, Aiden was very satisfied with how things were going. I made Tyler go on for a while and he didn't really try and take a bunch of breaks or pussy out of it. When I thought that his jaw could use a break, then I made Aiden go ahead and give him head. Now, this became the real challenge, because the oral wasn't getting him turned on right away, and either was the jerking. To top things off the studio phone rang and broke the mood. I stopped everything and let him watch some porn with us leaving the room for a minute.
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