Getting undressed they both stood up to conduct off their pants and shirts. Chris and Tylers bodies were almost the same, because they were skinny, pale stainless, and had some muscle fullness. I figured that they had to workout to keep in shape like they were, but both said that they hardly had hour or wanted to. Returning to the couch they took a seat, and started to rub their cocks. I asked them to reach over and pinch each others dick to position on getting them hard. That didnt go on for to long up front I asked to see some top a intercept. Tyler was the first one to suck dick in the shoot and he dropped to his knees on the floor to advantage Chris. As he got started, Chris moaned a little bit and agreed that Tyler was getting to know how to give great head. After a while though I asked the two of them to switch and without wasting time they changed and Chris knees were getting rug-burns from the carpet. To make unavoidable that the fucking was going to about with well; I had Chris choose a focus on the couch to see if he would get a little harder.
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